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  • What is the difference with Level I, Level II and Level III?

    Level I : Ideal for students or any one on a budget that wants quality.  This hair type comes in a few types and textures, not all.  Bundles usually start off at $50 and range from 8-28 inches.  This hair lasts up to one year or more with proper care.

    Level II : This level is for every day working individuals. Women who are on the go and need quality hair that looks natural but require not too much maintenance and still gives a polished & professional look.  This hair comes in 8 to 20 inches. Lasts up to two years or more with proper care.

    Level III : This hair gives you that ultimate celebrity experience.  Designed for individuals who seek top quality no matter the cost.  This hair ranges from 8 to 40 inches and comes in all rare types and textures.  It lasts three to five years or more with proper care, depending on the texture.


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